Saturday, January 10, 2009


I have been using Weegy since November as a way to make a little extra money. Like ChaCha, you answer questions for $.20 each. Weegy does not have the kind of traffic that ChaCha has, so don't expect to make the big bucks fast. What is neat about Weegy is that there is an attractive African American 3-D women that speaks what you type to the info seeker. This adds a little something extra to the Weegy experience making it a little more fun. I usually leave the weegy website open in the background as I do other things online. When a message comes in you will hear a ding alerting you that a question is available. You can ask Weegy a question for free or you can pay Weegy to conduct more in depth questions. You can get paid through paypal once you hit $20, this took about a month for me. Go to to ask a question or apply today!

Very Easy Money!
Does not have steady traffic yet, some days you can make good money others days you can't!

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