Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I heard about ChaCha months before I decided to apply to be a ChaCha guide. I was skeptical about the company and answering questions for only .10 to .20 cents seemed like more work than it was worth.I decided to give in and give it a shot, and I'm glad I did. ChaCha can bring in a nice little income!

How does ChaCha work?
People Call 800-2ChaCha or text 242242 (chacha) a question and get the answer as a text message in a few minutes. Questions can be anything from weather and driving directions, relationship questions and occasionally the extremely odd such as Do animals get hemorrhoids?(Incase you need to know, 4 legged animals DO NOT). The job is fairly easy and can be fun at times! What is nice about ChaCha is that you can login online to ChaCha's website and work whenever you want. This job is perfect if you have a small child as you do not need to work a set schedule. The only problem is that I would be terribly embarrassed if someone decided to look at my browser history.

Pros: Fun, No Set schedule, Payment options, You always learn something new!
Cons: ChaCha's reoccurring technical problems(can cut into your pay!)

Check ChaCha's website regularly to see if they are hiring. Also text ChaCha a question (242242) to get a better idea of how they work. The service is free, only standard text message fee's apply through your carrier, if you have any!

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