Tuesday, January 6, 2009


My first work at home money came from Ebay! Ebay is a great way to make extra money and you can start by selling stuff around your house. I started by selling duplicates I received from my baby shower and then moved onto garage sales and outlet malls. I have made about $1000 since October 2008. Where I find items to sell that works for me:

Your Home
Sell anything around your home that has not been looked at for months. Pre-pregnancy Clothes, toys, baby clothes, even broken digital cameras or printers sell on ebay!

Garage Sales
Research online what sells, Gymboree, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren sell great! I have sold infant Ralph Lauren Jeans I purchased for $1 and resold for $15! Every once in awhile you can get lucky too! I bought old Beatles records for $.10 each and sold for $60! What is nice about garage sales is if you make a mistake and buy something that does not sell you arent losing out on that much money since you only paid .50-$1.

Outlet Malls
Do you live near an outlet mall? Luckily I live in Florida where there are plenty. I have bought Designer purses heavily discounted and have made $50-$100 profit on each one.

Pros: Can be Great extra Money, Bring baby along shopping

Unpredictable income, Ebay & Paypal fees, addicting

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