Friday, January 23, 2009

Mystery Shopping

I Have been experimenting the past week with Mystery Shopping and is becoming one of my new favorite ways to earn money. A Mystery Shopper is someone who works for a market research company to measure the quality of service at a restaurant, retail store, bank, car dealers etc. There are 100's of legit Mystery Shopping companies out there. Remember you NEVER should pay a company to be a mystery Shopper. The shops pay anywhere from $7-25 each and will often reimburse you for food or even purchases! I did my first few this week for a popular fast food chain, after the "shop" I filled out a review/report form online and scanned in my receipts. Below is a list of a few companies to sign up for to get you started:

About Face
Beyond Hello

Check Mark, Inc.

A Closer Look, Inc.

Customer Perspectives

Epinion America


Mystique Shopper

Primo Solution

Restaurant Cops

Service Sleuths

Trend Source

Pros: Work when you want, Free Food, Free Merchandise, Easy money
Cons: Reports can be long, Jobs can go quick!