Tuesday, January 13, 2009


*Update: I personally found the pay too low for the amount of work you do, the messages come through on your computer and sometimes it takes a long time to transcribe them since the person may not be talking clearly or they are talking too fast. It is still an okay job to do when you want a break from ChaCha, KGB or writing.
QuickTate is a service that transcribes your voicemail and personal notes into simple text messages. QuickTate hires typist to transcribe the messages as they come in and pays per word transcribed. I applied a few weeks ago, but due to the large amount of applications they receive, there is a waiting list for applicants that can extend about 3 months. Although I am not off the waiting list yet, others that currently work for QuickTate say it is an easy and fun job that brings in some extra money each month.

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Monday, January 12, 2009


If you enjoy writing there are many sites that you can make money writing articles. I personally have experience with Textbroker.com, but others include Associated Content, and Helium. For Textbroker.com you submit a writing sample to apply, which in return is graded to decide what you will be paid. From there you can pick from a list of articles that fit into your qualifications. The earning potential can be high if you write many articles, but if you are like me and only enjoying writing something that interests you, you may not make as much money.

Pros: If you enjoy writing, this is easy!
Cons: Writing opportunities go fast, pay is low.